Is my computer hardware compatible with "XYZ" water block?

Please check EK Cooling Configurator database.

The Cooling Configurator database system is built to help you choose the right EK products for your hardware while avoiding any known compatibility issues. Our system will suggest you the recommended EK products when you choose your Motherboard or/and Graphics Card from our database.

If your hardware is not listed, please submit it. Most vital is that you submit a clear picture of PCB (front perpendicular view) without factory Heat Sink Fan (HSF - cooler). It is also highly recommended that you send us manufacturers Product Number (PN).

However, it may happen that the hardware vendor changes the circuit board design without notifying the market. As a result the previously compatible water block might not fit. However EKWB does not assume any liability for mistakes or errors made out of any reasons. We recommend the visual check of your newly purchased hardware prior to purchasing EK Water Block cooling heads (water blocks) and compare it with the submissions in the EK Cooling Configurator database.

In case you find any obvious differences or are having second thoughts, please contact us on

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    Mindaugas Baltutis

    I notice that upon your WaterBlock missing cooling places. Does this not affect overheating. i have: GTX 1080 TI ARMOR 11G OC

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    Chris Prather

    I have read on a forum that your fe blocks for a 1080ti fit on the msi aero variation. Is this true?

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    EKWB Shipping (Peter)

    Dear Mindaugas & Chris,
    Thank you for your comments.

    @Mindaugas: Your question has already been answered by my colleague Igor in January 2018.

    @Chris: Your question has already been answered by my colleague Keenan in February 2018.

    Edited by EKWB Shipping (Peter)
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