What if Water cooled video card is crashing or freezing up?

The above described are the typical symptoms of malfunctioning graphics card. This can occur either due to:

  1. Overheating of the GPU and/or memory IC due to poor or insufficient thermal interface between water block (cooler) and IC: We highly recommend users to follow the installation manual, unique to each EK water block. Remove the card and the water block from the computer. Please check for thermal imprints to see whether all surfaces, covered by either thermal grease (TIM) or thermal pad, are actually making contact with the cooler. In case of bad contact please check the height of the standoffs (FC water blocks) and whether they are installed correctly. In case of generally good contacts please consider options 2. and 3.
  2. Water block (cooler) short-circuiting electrical components: Remove the graphics card/water block assembly from the computer and visually inspect the graphics card for any sign of suspicious warp, mechanical damage or contact between unwanted parts of the graphics card and the cooler. Make sure to check whether the TIM you are using (in case you are using 3rd party TIM) is not a electrically conductive one - in this case remove the remains of the TIM using denatured alcohol from surfaces.
  3. Damaged GPU and/or memory IC due to physical damage: Remove the graphics card/water block assembly from the computer and remove the water block. Check edges of GPU die and memory IC for any sign of mechanical damage. GPU die edge can easily break when using excessive force.


We recommend checking for stability using Furmark or similar GPU torture test utility.

Upon exhausting all suggestions feel free to contact EK Support.

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