Can I modify the order I just placed?

Yes, if your order is still in the processing phase then you can send an e-mail to and one of our support agents will respond to your request.

Since our customer support is not working during the weekends, please allow longer response time on Mondays.

Once your order's status is complete, the modifications are no longer possible.

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    Kevin Lee

    Thank you for the clarification! I sent in a ticket asking that merely the color for one of the products to be swapped out. Identical pricing, same manufacturer and type. Can this request be entertained? Thanks!

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    Patrick Shim


    I had placed an order on EK-FC 1080 GTX Ti Waterblock as well as its Backplate (x2 each). Unfortunately, I am not able to find this graphics card in the market at the moment.  I am planning to purchase Titan X instead.

    Therefore, I would like to change the ordered item to EK-FC Titan X Pascal Nickel and EK-FC Titan X Pascal Acetal + Nickel.  Since the order is not yet shipped and still in processing, I would like to request for a swap as follows: 

    Order details:  #170030358 - Processing


    • EK-FC1080 GTX Ti Backplate ??Black x 2
    • EK-FC1080 GTX Ti - Nickel x 2


    • EK-FC Titan X Pascal - Nickel x 2
    • EK-FC Titan X Pascal - Acetal + Nickel x 2


    Patrick Shim

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    Robert Moran



    I'd just like a response, anything at all in regards to my order 170033279




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    EKWB Shipping (Peter)

    Dear Kevin, Patrick & Robert,
    Thank you for your comments.

    @Kevin: Of course, your order can be amended as long as it hasn't been shipped out.
    Just write an e-mail to about which EK products on your order we should add/remove, their EAN codes and their exact quantity.
    One of our agents will then take over your specific case and run you though the payment/partial refund process.

    @Patrick: Your order was successfully amended in the way you requested and you were also notified about it in November 2017.

    @Robert: Your order was successfully delivered and you were also notified about it in December 2017.

    Edited by EKWB Shipping (Peter)
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    Richard Barrett

    Posting here just in case my email is missed before my order (180047735) ships. I need to add the EK-CoolStream SE 480 (Slim Quad) to this order. As far as I am aware, the order is still processing.



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    EKWB Shipping (Peter)

    Dear Richard,
    Thank you for your comment.

    Please look into your ticket #169892 where my colleague Klemen has already replied to your question.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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