Can you make me a custom water block?

We are not making custom designs for any of components (blocks, radiators, reservoirs,etc...). However if you have a product proposal, please send us your suggestion to our support mail and we will look into it. If you have any suggestions regarding new products or ideas how to improve existing ones, also do not hesitate and send us your mail. It is also recommended that you sketch your idea, thus improving visualization of idea.

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    Nash Gann

    Hello, I'm a avid PC liquid cooling enthusiast and would love to see you partner with MSI once again to make a waterblock for the MSI Gaming Carbon on the X99 platform. Seeing as the other two major companies have blocks for their top tier boards, I.e. The Maximus (ASUS)series and the GA series(Gigabite), I would suggest that the block be made! I know you would get the support of the YouTube liquid cooling expert JayzTwoCents and anyone else intending on doing top tier liquid cooling with MSI Motherboards!

    My suggestion would be to have it with a carbon accent of the EK logo (nice and proud) on the front with a nickel acetal clear plexi front, so enthusiasts could see their fluid and match their lighting color or vise versa.

    Thanks for reading and please consider this! I'm sure we all would be willing to pay in the 150$ range (or below preferably) for this awesome accented piece to complete our builds!


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    Dru Hird

    I just placed an order for the shiny new EK-FC1080 GTX - Nickel (short top) (I don't really need full coverage).  Will EKWB be offering this in the future as pure copper instead of nickel-plated?

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