Is it possible to add a pre-order product to my existing order?

Unfortunately, we cannot add pre-order products to existing orders as we have order processing priorities set to order numbers. As this is an automated system, by adding the pre-order product to your order, we might be taking the piece from another customer that placed their order later than you, however, purchased the pre-ordered product before you've asked for the amendment. Additionally, in case you have two orders placed and have a pre-order product on one of them, we will be merging your orders into the one that already has the pre-order product on it to prevent the issue described above. The same issue occurs when a product is on pre-order and we offer different versions of it in our webshop (Acetal/Plexi; Black/Silver, etc) and you'd like to swap the pre-ordered product for another version.

In case you'd like to make any of the above-described changes, we will offer to cancel your order so you can place a new one. That ensures we stay true to all the customers that have ordered a pre-order product at a certain time.

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